NASA announces $30,000 Reward for Solving Human Waste issue in Space


It’s quite easy to go to toilets on earth but management of human waste becomes very difficult in space due to less gravitation. Due to this reason, astronauts wear special types of pampers but it has its own problems.

Now NASA has announced that a person or department that presents the best procedure to store or sanitize human waste will be given $30,000 (around Rs. 3 million). Astronauts wear very heavy and complicated suits and they can’t change pampers again and again. But continuous wearing of pampers can cause infection and other diseases.

Due to this reason, NASA has asked suggestion from the whole world to solve this problem. NASA has also created a web page named “Space waste challenge” where designers from all around the world can present an idea of any system replacing diapers of astronauts. Last date of this challenge is 20th December 2016 and the selected idea will receive $30,000.

But few instructions from NASA should be remembered to solve waste of astronauts. Humans have to spend lot of time wearing the same suite in space sometimes due to low pressure of space cabin. Therefore, the presented system should allow them to retain human waste for 144 hours without touching it and it became part of space suit in just 5 minutes. Apart from that, it is necessary to be lightweight because astronauts wear very heavy suit. There is weightlessness in space where solid substances also fly here and there while liquids shake after taking circular shapes.

In a video by NASA, an astronaut says that space travel is not very easy and attractive while astronauts have to go to toilet during flight also. Now NASA wants to know from experts around the world to solve the issue of human waste in space.

Interested people can send their suggestions till 20th December 2016 at the NASA’s website of ‘human waste challenge’ while selected plan will be announced in January 2017.

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