NASA Demands Application for Planetary Protection Officer




Huston, The US space department, NASA asked for the applications from the desired candidates, who can protect the earth from the space creatures. This post is called ‘Planetary Protection Officer’ and they have the responsibilities to save the earth from space creatures and the pollution, which come from the space matter to the earth.

The Planetary Protection Officer will ensure that other planets and moon should not be disturbed due to human activity. The detail of the post is given on the website of NASA. According to the detail, during the human robotic space mission, the humans are protected from organic or biological pollution.

The post of the Planetary Protection Officer was created in USA in 1967 after signing on the agreement for outer space. It is necessary for every mission going in the space under this agreement, the possibility of the damage can be one out of 10,000 to the space. It is also necessary to ensure while passing by the planet, the spaceship or robot makes its picture but it does not cause the damage to the planet.

The newly selected Planetary Protection Officer will be part of the future mission of NASA, Europa and it will be set off to moon of Jupiter, Europa. It does not mean that he will be sent to the planet after sitting in the spaceship but he will perform his responsibilities living on the land. He will have to travel to different cities and he will also sit in his office to carry out his duties. The officer will be offered the attractive salary and NASA will pay him the amount of two crore Pakistani rupees as his salary and it will also offer various other facilities. The duration of this post is 3 years and it can be extended to five years. If you have the higher degree in any department of Physical Sciences, Engineering and Mathematics, and you are serving at the higher post in the US government, then you can apply for this post.

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