Nayatel Finally Reaches to Bahria Town Islamabad


Nayatel will be provided permission to start its services in Bahria Town Islamabad. The Competition Appellate Tribunal has given the ruling and it has decided the case. The Nayatel offers its services in Bahria Town phase 1 to 6.

The Nayatel was not allowed to start its services previously in Bahria Town Islamabad because it had the exclusive contract with PTCL. This case was filed in the court of Competition Commission of Pakistan as the residents of the area complained. After hearing the case of the parties, the commission fined Bahria Town for Rs. 2 million and asked Nayatel to complete their survey for the deployment of their services in the particular area. When Bahria Town and PTCL lost their case, they went to the Commission Appellate tribunal to challenge the ruling of CCP.

The Tribunal heard the case and it upheld the decision of CCP and asked Bahria Town to provide the facility to Nayatel for the deployment of FTTH services in the area. With the new development, the Nayatel will offer its FTTH broadband internet, telephone and tv services in Bahria Town phase 1 to 6.

Now Bahria Town and PTCL has the choice to file the appeal in the Supreme Court of Pakistan against the ruling of Competition Appellate Tribunal. CCP asked Bahria Town to work with other potential telecom player as they want to offer their services in their locality. The new ruling will set the new precedent for other housing societies and the localities to use the sign exclusive contracts with single telecom operator in order to block all other ICT infrastructure providers to offer the services to the consumers.



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