Necessary Foods Keep Brain Healthy and Smart


The experts carried out their research work for 20 years and they found some food items, which are necessary for the power of brain and they can help in improving the memory and keep the brain healthy and smart. They have extensive experience and research work behind their working.

The psychologists said that most of the patients got well with the use of these food items. These patients were suffered with the mental diseases. The experts say that the change off food can provide such food items to the brain, which can help in improving the mental condition and also help in acquisition, concentration and improving the memory. The top of list foods, fruits and vegetables are:

Green Leafed Vegetables

There are many vegetables, which can have green leaves and these green leafed vegetables are spinach, amaranths and other vegetables, which can have green leaves. These vegetables have calcium, potassium, foliate, manganese and zinc in the green leafed vegetables and they can help in improving the activities of brain.

Meats of animals grazing green grass

Most of the people think that the beef and mutton are not good for mental health. The meat of the animals is good, which eat green grass and these grazing animals are included with goats, sheep and cows. People should eat less quantity of meat once in a week.    

Dry Nuts

People should look of the dry nuts including pistachio, cashew, apricot, almond and other dry nuts, which have sufficient amount of proteins and food ingredients. They have an important ingredient like selenium and they can empower the brain and increase the efficiency of brain.

Organic Olive Oil

The good quality organic olive oil is added with anti oxidants and it can improve the mood of the people.

Various kinds of seeds

There are different kinds of seeds including linseed, sunflower, and other types of the seeds are full with fatty acids. They are included with Omega3, anti oxidants, fighto chemicals and other different ingredients, which can leave better impact on the growth and acquisition or learning of human brain.

Colorful Vegetables

There are different vegetables, which have different colors like sweet potato, red and orange capsicum, tomato and carrot show that these vegetables can have minerals, enzymes, fiber and other important ingredients, which are necessary for the brain.


Broccoli and Cauliflower

The vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower have the fighto chemicals and other important ingredients and they save from cancer and keep the brain healthy, fresh and active.


There are peas and beans, which are added with estrogen and brain to give necessary ingredients. They are added with fiber to play important role for the brain.


On the other side, the experts have warned from such vegetables, which can be dangerous for brain. Such foods contain drinking alcohol, fried foods, sweets and other eatables.

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