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pak china friendship bus

pak china friendship bus

China-Pak Economic Corridor (CPEC) is completed between Pakistan and China and the bus service was officially launched on Saturday last. The bus service, CPEC Passenger Bus Service (Pakistan-China) will start the operations from 3rd November 2018. Travel to China CPEC Bus Fare Rs.13,000. The CEO CPEC Passenger Bus Service said that it will be 30 hours long trip and the passengers will get the enjoyment of the beautiful and mesmerizing sights of northern Pakistan. The cameras will be installed in the bus to ensure the safety of the passengers. The authorized operators have issued the schedule and the bus service will run four days a week from Lahore to Tashkurgan on the following days:

  • Departure from Lahore: Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday
  • Departure from Tashkurgan: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

According to the schedule of itinerary, the passengers are advised to book their seats from Lahore or Rawalpindi and Islamabad. This CPEC bus service offers the facilities including premium and luxury buses to enjoy the comfortable journey. They will also experience the better en route services including breakfast, lunch, dinner refreshment beverages, tea and snacks. The passengers will also get the fast Wi-Fi throughout the journey.

New Bus service

New Bus service

The passengers will also get the detailed itinerary of CPEC passenger bus service.

Itinerary: Lahore to Tashkurgan

    • Departure: From Lahore: 12:00am
    • Stopover1: 04:00am – Islamabad/Rawalpindi (pickup)
    • Stopover2: 07:00am – Mansehra (breakfast)
    • Stopover3: 01:00pm – Besham (lunch)
    • Stopover4: 04:00pm – Chelas (tea)
    • Stopover5:08:00pm – Gilgit (dinner)
    • Stopover6: 02:0am – Sost (custom, immigration & breakfast)
    • Stopover7: 12:00pm – Khunjerab Pass, Pakistan side (checking)
    • Stopover8: 12:30pm – Khunjerab Pass, China side (checking)
    • Arrival: 03:00pm – Tashkugran County (drop-off)

Itinerary: Tashkurgan to Lahore

  • Departure: From Tashkurgan: 11:00am
  • Stopover1: 01:00pm – Khunjerab Pass, China side (checking)
  • Stopover2: 01:30pm – Khunjerab Pass, Pakistan side (checking)
  • Stopover3: 03:00pm – Sost border (custom, immigration & lunch)
  • Stopover4: 09:00pm – Gilgit (dinner)
  • Stopover5: 01:00am – Chelas (refreshment)
  • Stopover6: 06:0am – Besham (breakfast)
  • Stopover7: 09:00am – Mansehra (refreshment)
  • Stopover8: 12:00pm – Islamabad/Rawalpindi (lunch & drop-off 1)
  • Arrival: 07:00pm – Lahore (drop-off 2)

Rate List

The CPEC bus service advised the passengers to book their seats about one week before the start of their travel. You can note the charges of the CPEC Passenger bus service to enjoy the comfortable journey between two countries.

  • One way ticket from Lahore to Taskurgan – PKR 13000 per seat.
  • One way ticket from Tashkurgan to Lahore – RMB600 (equivalent to PKR 11,475 under current exchange rate).
  • Return Ticket – PKR23000


Required Travel Documents

If you are willing to travel to China and you can carry maximum of two pieces of baggage with you and the weight of the baggage will not be over 20 kgs. In case of extra luggage, you will be charged. You should also keep the following documents with you:

  • Passport
  • NIC
  • Valid Visa
  • Original Invitation from China
  • Ticket
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