Nissan & Chinese Manufacturer Partner to Launch X200 in Pakistan


Ghandhara Nissan is the local automobile manufacturer and it is based in Karachi. This company has made the joint venture with Chinese company. The car manufacturing company will launch the vehicles of the Chinese company in Pakistan.

It is published in print media that Ghandhara Nissan has made the agreement with Anhui Jianghuai Automobile Group Corp Ltd and this Chinese is also known as JAC Motors. The company secretary has given the recent notice to Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) and he has confirmed that the agreement with the Chinese company has been finalized.

Through this exclusive cooperation agreement, Ghandhara Nissan will import, assemble and distribute the commercial vehicles of the Chinese company in Pakistan. The Pakistani manufacturer declares the model X200 will be introduced in Pakistan. During the second session of trading, Ghandhara Nissan has seen its shares on the upper lock limit and JAC Motors is the most popular car manufacturers in China, which has manufactured commercial vehicles and cars and the company is introducing the X200 commercial truck in Pakistan. Now we have to look at the vehicle, which has offered the vehicle and differentiate itself from the competition.


JAC X200 looks similar to the local commercial truck, Hyundai Shehzore. When you carry out closer inspection of the truck, you will find some noticeable and major design differences. JAC X200 truck is offered with more visibility due to large front screen to make the look of the vehicle larger than the actual size. There are nice design differences to make its look unique. The truck is introduced with two large front wheels and 4 small rear wheels to help the truck in carrying the heavy loads.

JAC has made the claim if height of the truck is reduced to 78.5 cm, it can save 20% energy and 30% time. The truck weighs 20% less than the comparable vehicles and it costs less fuel.


The trucks of JAC Motors are provided in the market with premier interior and there is sufficient space provided for legroom. In the driving cabin, everything is provided for the ease of the driver.

Engine & Performance

X200 comes with different variety of engine options with 2.8 liter Euro-1 variant to 2.0 liter Euro-V variant. The vehicle is launched in the market with rear wheel drive and you can choose single and double rear wheel driver. It is added with superior steering system, JAC claims the truck with small turning radius of 5.5 meters. Front features of the vehicle have the independent suspension and disc brake to get better experience of driving. The users will also check the manual transmission options, which are available like 5-speed manual gears and 6-speed manual transmission.


X200 is provided in the market with 15% stronger chassis and it also weighs 20% less. The disk brake performs better, if you compare to drum brakes in similar commercial vehicles. JAC says that the cabin uses 4-star crash test design for safety of driver and passenger.

Final Words

There has been competition for the commercial loading trucks in Pakistan. Now JAC has the extensive experience to take on the likes of Shehzore in Pakistan. Price is another major factor of selling and the starting price of the truck is about 25 lacs in the market.

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