Norway Prepares Powerful Drone to Pick People


Oslo, various leading companies across the world work on the cargo quad copter drone but a company in Norway has prepared such a mega drone, which can pick a person and can travel from 30 to 45 minutes. The ‘Magic Air’ company of Oslo has prepared such a powerful drone which can pick up about 225 kilogram weight and it has the ability to fly, which is given the name of ‘GRIFF 300’ mega drone and it is 75 kilogram heavy. Mega drone can be used for the emergency situations, agriculture, government departments and for help and it can be used very easily. Mega drone can be charged once and it can travel from 30 to 45 minutes.

The company is working on such drone, which can be used in place of helicopter and it can be used for the research, water resources, agricultural supervision, geological survey, and help to the people. GRIFF 300 is wide and long like a human being and it is very easy to assemble, fly and control it. There are special kind of cameras, which are fitted in it and it provides the facility to watch the sight from cockpit and captain chair. The drone is also added with the facilities of live video feed, telemetry and various important facilities and the buyers can make some other changes and can add in it.

The Magic Air Company has been working on this project for two consecutive years and now it is ready for the trial. According to the company, the next version of this drone can pick up the weight up to 800 kilograms.

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