NTS Ripped off Rs. 20 Million from Unemployed for Jobs


In Senate, it was unbelievable for lawmakers to know that National Testing Services (NTS) conducted test of 48,674 candidates to fill 633 vacant seats from BPS-7 to BPS-16 for which they took around Rs. 20 million as the fee for candidates of BPS-16 was Rs. 450 and for other posts was Rs. 400. But none of the seats was filled due to financial condition of the corporation.

Ghulam Murtaza Jatoi, minister for industries & production, told that total 21,079 candidates were called in 2015 by NTS for tests. This test was passed by 3,165 candidates who were to be called for interviews. But it was later known that the test qualified candidates were lacking required experience for the post. Later, another advertisement for the posts was published in 2016 and the second round of test was taken by 27,595 candidates.

This year in January, initial screening test was held but it was later found by USC board of directors that fresh recruitment is not possible due to weak financial condition of the corporation after which the whole process was ended. As a result, interviews were not conducted and no recruitments were made.

NTS Applications in Two Rounds for Jobs That Were Never Filled


Severe objections were made by senators for taking fee from unemployed persons without inducting anyone. They objected that why the financial condition was not taken in account before start of the whole process. Senator Usman Kakar said that NTS should pay them back as they are already jobless people.

Ahsan Iqbal, minister for planning & development, said that it is disappointing but it will not happen in future again. He promised to check about the possibility of payment of fee back to the candidates.

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