Seeing through walls is possible via Wi-Fi

Everyone knows that Wi-Fi can pass through walls and it is the reasons that a router of one room sends signals to another room but now things present in the room like table, chair and ... Continue Reading →

Pakistan Administrative Service & CTP Result 2017 by FPSC

The results of FPO exams 2017 of Pakistan Administrative Service probationers of 43rd CTP and reexamination of failed probationers of earlier batches have been declared by Federal ... Continue Reading →

A Prototype Car Traveling 1150 Kms in 1 Liter Petrol

Fossil fuels are still preferred by most of the people while lot of work has been done on alternative fuel efficient cars. Hybrids also could not achieve much success although you can ... Continue Reading →

First Robot Police Official Work in Dubai

Dubai City, Dubai has prepared the first police official to work against the crimes. It will start its working very soon. This robot police official will start its patrolling on the ... Continue Reading →
Al-Haj Hyundai Launches Two Heavy Duty Vehicles in Pakistan

Al-Haj Hyundai Launches Two Heavy Duty Vehicles in Pakistan

Al-Haj Group has made the partnership with Hyundai Company to launch the two heavy duty vehicles, heavy duty truck and luxury bus and the light duty trucks in the Pakistani market. ... Continue Reading →

Best Seven Seater Cars you can buy in Pakistan

The automobile market of Pakistan is facing the deficit of seven seater cars and by the size of the cars, the seven seater cars are necessity for the large families in Pakistan. They ... Continue Reading →

World First Air Conditioned Stadium

Doha, Qatar is getting ready to host the FIFA World Cup 2022 and it has built the first ever air conditioned stadium to play the football matches during the world cup. The head of Qatar, ... Continue Reading →
PayPal to Pakistan

Govt Tries to Bring PayPal to Pakistan

The federal government is determined to bring the services of PayPal in Pakistan, which is the leading and most prominent payment gateway for the clients. The commerce Minister addressed ... Continue Reading →
FIA Arrests Two Online Car Sale Fraud

FIA Arrests Two Online Car Sale Fraud

When the online sale of the products is started, there are many fake companies and department, which started fraud or looting of the people. Although there are many real and actual ... Continue Reading →

Trend of Divorce Selfie in US and UK

The things come in mind with divorce and separation are noise, fight, dispute and calling harsh words to one another but now separated couples in USA and few other countries are trying ... Continue Reading →
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