Pak Army New High Tech Drone





As China Pakistan Economic Corridor is being constructed and it is necessary to carry out the survey and reconnaissance over CPEC bridges, pipelines, borders, installations and dams so Pak Army has acquired the well equipped drone named Uqab.

It has the flight time of 15 hours and 250 km operable range through the remote control, UIqab is able to carry the ammunitions of 1000 kgs and it can utilize it effectively and it does not miss the target. Pakistan based private organization, Global Industrial and Defence Solutions (GIDS) has manufactured this drone. When you compare the drones being manufactured in other countries, Uqab is manufactured at comparatively less amount per unit with similar number of useful features.

Pakistan Army will be able to conduct the surveillance in the remote and dangerous areas within and across the border. This drone is not only used for the military purposes but also be used to find out the problems relating to climate change as it can conduct the scientific analysis and it can reach to the remote areas, which are difficult to survey.

Pakistan Army is facing the issue of terrorist attacks and the subversive individuals, who hold their hideouts safely in Pakistan and across the border and they attack on Pak Army and Pakistan from time to time. Pak Army needs the reliable source of survey to help spot the hideouts and it can get rid of them safely and effectively. It is reported that there are about 15 applicants, who have shown their interest to get this GIDS developed drone and the applicants are included with the companies of various European countries and it is expected that it will be launched in the market very soon.

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