Pak Becomes 4th Most Popular Freelancing Country


Pak Becomes 4th Most Popular Freelancing Country

Pak Becomes 4th Most Popular Freelancing Country


The global freelance market is developing quickly and more and more freelancers from all over the world are now turning to internet market to earn their livelihood. The local journal published a report, ‘Online Labor Index’ from 1-6 July 2017 and it showed the online gig economy and the skills are offered by these countries along with their supply and demand of labors use the real time data from the four biggest freelancing platforms like freelancer, fiverr, people per hour and guru.

Freelance global market rises rapidly

When we check the platform based work, the four websites represent over 40% of global market and the figures and results are collected from 4 freelancing platform showing the reasonable picture of the overall market.

How does Pakistan rank in freelance sector

We heard the progress, which is being made in the freelance sector in Pakistan as the report published and it showed the progress of freelancing in the market. In the report of the local journal, Pakistan is placed at 4th position overall in the ‘Software Development and Technology’ category.

Due to growing number of educational institutes, it offers different programs in the computer science and software engineering and the number of professionals is increasing and more and more people are adding in the freelancing and the conventional 9-5 jobs.


Pakistan is present at the 4th position below than India, which is 24%, Bangladesh is 16% and USA is 12%. Pakistan has 8.5 0 9% of overall freelance workers.

Philippines, UK and Canada are next in this list and India has become the global leader in Software development and Technology services with the 13% market share. But Pakistan has the market share of 3% and the subcontinent provides 55% of the Software Development and Technology Services.

Pak Becomes 4th Most Popular Freelancing Country

Pak Becomes 4th Most Popular Freelancing Country

In the list of the region, Asia is leading the global market with mammoth 60.5% of market share and Europe is at the second position, North America is 3rd, Africa, South America and Oceania are present at the 4th, 5th and 6th position respectively.

Gig Category

There are six of the biggest occupational categories were used in order to classify the countries and region, which are:

  • Software Development and Technology
  • Creative and Multimedia
  • Writing and Translation
  • Clerical and Data Entry
  • Sales and Marketing Support
  • Professional Services like Accounting, Legal Services and Business Consulting
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