Pak-China IT Industrial Park in Sindh


At the time of signing the CPEC agreement with China, it was decided that Pakistan and China will set up the IT industrial parks in every province of Pakistan. One park was announced for Islamabad and the work has already been started over it and the other is going to start.

Sindh IT Industrial Park

The Memorandum of Understanding was signed between Pakistan and China for the establishment of IT industrial park in Sindh. He said that the establishment of this park will help in developing the IT in Sindh and they agreed to promote, exchange their views, knowledge and experience in the field of Information Technology with each other. They will also develop the industrial development and make strong their relations.

Industrial Park

The first industrial park is going to establish in Islamabad and the construction of the IT Park is started about half year ago and it is hoped that this IT industrial park in Islamabad will be completed in 10 years. The cost incurred on this project will be $1.5 billion and it will be based on 3 phases. The first phase of IT Park will be completed in three years and the next will be completed in 4 years and the final phase will be completed in 3 years. The key functions of the industrial park will be:

1.         Provide the exhibition and the development platform for the academies and industry for domestic and international.

2.         Develop the knowledge based enterprises and undertake the research based routes for the development of industry and commercialization of technologies and new ideas.

3.         IT park will act as the knowledge provider with the establishment of university research work and the infrastructure for education with the provision of applied research laboratory facilities for the domestic and international industries.

4.         IT Park will be dynamic business and trading platform, which is established for domestic and international industries.

5.         To exhibit the Pak-China products to provide the impetus to present collaborative ventures by encouraging the new linkages.

6.         The IT Park will function as the wholesale and retail market.

7.         It will provide financial support services like establishment of venture capital entities, regional development agencies and banks at this IT Park.

8.         IT Park will help in providing the modern e-commerce platform to keep the latest global trends.

9.         The IT Park will act as the investment and financing platform for new startups and technologies.

10.       Establish the business incubators and business development centers for the male and female entrepreneurs.

Pak-China IT Industrial Park

Pak-China IT Industrial Park


Pak-China IT Industrial Park

Pak-China IT Industrial Park


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