Pakistan Electric Bikes Cheaper in Price


Pakistan has finally started the manufacturing of Electronic bikes locally and it has successfully produced the fully operational e-bikes with the available sources in the country.

The company, Jolta International is located at outside Bahria Town Rawalpindi and it has exhibited the three e-bikes in Gwadar. The company has launched the three commercial variants of the electronic bikes in Pakistan, which are E70, E100 and E150. The company told that the basic model of the motorbike E670 will be retailed for the estimated Rs.35,000 in Pakistan and other details will be provided with time.

The shape of the motorbike is found in the conventional motorcycle and the e-bikes are claimed as the fuel free, noiseless, environment friendly, smoke free and pollution free. The company said that the e-bikes are cost effective and they are tailored especially for Pakistani public. The additional details of these e-bikes are given as under:


  • Charge Time: 5 Hours
  • Travel in one charge: 50KM
  • Electricity cost for one charge: Rs 15 (1.7 units)
  • Top Speed: 50km/hour
  • Price: Rs. 35,000 to Rs. 40,000 (not finalized yet)


  • Charge Time: 6 Hours
  • Travel in one charge: 70KM
  • Electricity cost for one charge: Rs 20 (2.5 units)
  • Top Speed: 60km/hour
  • Price: Not finalized yet


  • Charge Time: 7-8 Hours
  • Travel in one charge: 120KM
  • Electricity cost for one charge: Rs 32 (4 units)
  • Top Speed: 80km/hour
  • Price: Not finalized yet

These motors e-bikes are added with motorized engine but they are not added with piston or fuel emission. They can check the complete specifications:


Jolta International talked with media and said that it is set to commercially roll out the e-bikes in Pakistan. They did not declare the deadline and the company said that Pakistani customers expect the Jolta e-bikes in the stores within next two months. It is also made clear that all features and specifications are expected to be given with time.

The company has already made a deal for the delivery of 2500 e-bikes for Gwadar Free Zone Company so that they can make this region pollution and emission free.

Jolta International Signing a Contract with Gwader Free Zone Company

The company made it clear that they are going to invest $10 million in Pakistan in the two phases and they set up the assembly unit following by the manufacturing unit. Jolta said that it intends to produce e-cars and shuttle buses down the line.

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