Pakistan First Sports University in Islamabad


Pakistan First Sports University in Islamabad

Pakistan First Sports University in Islamabad

The higher education commission HEC has decided to build a university of art sports in Islamabad.

The university will be built with the help of Pakistan sports board and inter provisional coordination at Islamabad sports complex.

Both of the institutions have come together to promote sports in the country to give chances to everyone and this kind institute is going to be the first in the country. The main purpose of building such institute is to train the body along with the brain.

For the university construction the place has already been allocated in Islamabad sports complex. The HEC also planned to conduct Olympics in the university in December this year.

We have sorted all the issues with the HEC and they have given us approval of establishing Sports University. The world famous sports personalities and professors will be invited to help the local sports persons and help them walk with latest trends in the world.

The sports university consists of art sport facilities, class rooms, halls, conference rooms, and Auditorium and food court.

They also conclude that the training workshop will also be arranged within the sports university not only for the sports persons but also for the coaches to help them speed up in their fields.


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