Pakistan First Womens Only Taxi Service in Karachi


In order to celebrate Women’s Day, the women-only taxi rides have been started by Paxi. It is a unique service due to two reasons: It is not based on apps and it is a completely Pakistani based company that will remain its revenue in the country.

Majority Don’t Use Smartphones

Zahid Sheikh, CEO of Paxi, told that many people don’t have access to apps as they don’t use smart phones. Due to this, the company decided to provide its services to most of the population by using its alternatives. For this purpose, the company is also setting a call center through which the customers can book a ride by calling.

It was explained by the CEO that this service will also work like app service. The customers without having apps can call the call centers where their dialed cell number (or the one they provided) will be used to create an account by the representative of call center. Later, the customers will receive a 4-digit PIN which they will provide to the driver before starting their ride.

Apart from that, they can get the service at their desired location by just texting to the helpline.

Uniformed and Fully Public

There are banners and stickers on the cars and bikes operated by Paxi and they can easily be stopped on the road due to their individuality. Their pilots will also be distinguished due to their uniforms.

On Pakistan Day 23rd March 2017, this Paxi service will be launched fully.

Launching 10 Taxis for Now

This women-only taxi service will having women drivers and women passengers only. Currently, only 10 taxis will be launched by PAXI. Pink Taxi is its proper name.

Zahid Sheikh added that women can drive Paxi if they can fly planes and they should be provided complete opportunity for everything.

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