Pakistan Makes International Remittances Despite Stagnant Growth


burj khalifa aka burj dubai wide

burj khalifa aka burj dubai wide


World Bank data showed that Pakistan is at the fifth position in the world, which is getting most of the remittances every year but the growth of the country remained flat during last four years. The report also showed that Pakistan was at the fifth position for getting most remittances as India was leading the charts. The level of the remittances for top five countries for 2016 was given as under:

  • India:               $72 billion
  • China:              $64 billion
  • Philippines:      $30 billion
  • Mexico:           $26 billion
  • Pakistan:          $19.7 billion

The total estimated $574 billion (USD) were remitted by the migrants, who send the amount to their relatives living in their home countries in 2016, which is almost 28% of total remittances to top five countries only. The remittances of Pakistan are fifth in rank and it has slowed down during the last three years. The remittances registered the massive uptick after 2002 to 2014. The volume of the remittances stayed flat to date after 2014.

                                              Remittance Inflow

Inflow Pakistan

Inflow Pakistan

Top sources of International Remittances (for 2016)

It is wonderful that Saudi Arabia is the top country, from where most of the Pakistanis sent their most of the remittances. Here are some other countries of the world, from where Pakistani expats remitted their most of the money back to their home country.

  • Saudi Arabia:   $5.81 billion
  • UAE:                $5.7 billion
  • UK:                   $1.70 billion
  • US:                   $1.33 billion
  • Kuwait:            $1.07 billion
  • Canada:           $ 565 million
  • Singapore:       $531 million
  • Qatar:              $483 million
  • Oman:             $403 million
  • Bahrain:          $305 million
  • Spain:              $251 million
  • Italy:                $248 million
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