Pakistan Mustafa Ali Defeats Israeli in WWE


Mustafa Ali is the professional wrestler and he is the first Pakistan wrestler, who stepped into the WWE ring last year. He signed with the company to perform in the last week episode of WWE 205 Live. This is the one hour long show, which is dedicating the cruise weight competitors and he fought the match against the Puerto Rican wrestler, John Yurnet but he received an injury so Ali won the fight but he could not show his full potential.

He fought against the Israeli-Scottish wrestler, Noam Dar and he took Ali to the limit but both have a bout. People saw their moves like Tornado DDT, rolling, arms bars neck breakers and finally defeated him with the impressive inverted 450 splash.

Mustafa Ali is Chicago base Pakistani wrestler, who is getting victories consistently and he is getting higher in the record of his company. He is the good guy, who fights well and his cheered on his success when he contested the fight with his opponent.

Ali spoke to the crowd after his match last that that he came here to prove them wrong and people made the assumption on his name and appearance. He also added that it is not the perfect world and each victory pile up here on 205 Live. His latest match showed his athleticism and his victory shows that WWE is building up the brand of Mustafa Ali slowly and there are no doubts about the ability of wrestling. It is important for the modern wrestler to be the perfect package of ability, charisma and skills to engage the crowd during his fight with his opponents and make them enjoy with his fight.

There had been many changes in WWE in 2016 and the fans looked for new opportunities for the independent wrestlers like Mustafa Ali and it will be interesting to watch his fight and helps in establishing himself as the big wrestler in 2017.



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