Pakistan to Get Hi Tech Ships From Turkey


Letter of Intent has been signed by Pakistan and Turkey in order to purchase four MILGEM Ada Corvettes for Pakistan Navy. Pakistani minister of defence production (MoDP) Rana Tanveer Hussain signed the letter with Turkey’s defense minister Fikri Isik and Turkish defense contractor Savunma (STM).

According to a Turkish defence publication, the deal will be finalized by 30th June 2017. According to a Turkish publisher, Pakistani minister was given a detailed presentation of the MILGEM Ada Corvette during his recent visit to Tuzla Shipyard in Istanbul. Rana Tanveer said while talking to Turkish state owned news agency that few initial Corvettes will be built in Turkey and others will be assembled in Pakistan.

Prior to this, Pakistan and STM had already signed two big deals to upgrade Agosta 90B submarine and providing Pakistan Navy Fleet Tanker (PNFT).

The Turkish navy’s MILGEM Ada Corvette is designed to be used in anti-submarine warfare (ASW) while its main weapons include:

  • An ASW capable helicopter
  • 2 quad anti ship missile (ASM) launchers
  • Point-defence missile system (PDMS) in the rolling airframe missile (RAM)
  • A 76 mm main gun

Pakistan is trying to replace US-origin subsystems and the alternatives are china, Europe or Turkey. In this new corvette project, Karachi Shipyard & Engineering Works (KSEW) will also be involved.

The total price of these ships will be around US$ 1 billion. The cost of each MILGEM Ada is around $300 million but it will be provided to $250 million per ship as Pakistan will use its own industry for few equipments.

The priority of Pakistan Navy is obsolete Type 21 frigates while these MILGEM corvettes will be used to safeguard exclusive economic zones (EEZ) of Pakistan. STM has also offered FAC -55 fast attack missile craft system to Pak Navy in order to protect its ports.

Hi Tech Ships

Hi Tech Ships


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