Pakistan Toyota Corolla Top Market in Asia Pacific


Pakistan Toyota Corolla

Pakistan Toyota Corolla

The chief engineer for Corolla, Yoshiki Konishi of Toyota Motor Corporation said that Pakistan became number one in Toyota Corolla sales in the Asia pacific and 4th on the global level. The conference was conducted in which the attendees were the dealership CEOs, executives from Toyota Motor Corporation, Toyota Tsusho Corporation, senior management from House of Habib, dealer management and team and IMC management. It is mentioned that after the inception of the company, it has sold 44.1 million Corolla cars all over the world. He also thanked the efforts of the IMC for promoting the brand of Corolla in Pakistan for past 26 years. He further added that the technology has changed the entire landscape of business and the big names fail to change their technology. The company has the up to date technology knowledge and advancement, which is happened in the country.

11th Generation Corolla Facelift

The conference also saw the new facelift model of 11th generation of corolla and it was unveiled in the event, which will be provided in Pakistan from August. The CEO of IMC said that the new and wonderful Corolla is provided in the Pakistani market with new features including Push Start, 9-inch infotainment new interior, Smart entry, 16-inmch alloys, Vehicle Stability Control etc.

Award Ceremony

The awards were presented to the dealers in order to recognize the efforts of the dealers. The awards were given to the best dealerships in three regions in the different categories. Toyota Central Motors Karachi is awarded with Nationwide Best of the best dealership award. Toyota GT Motors Islamabad is awarded with Nationwide Sales Awards and Toyota Multan Motors Multan are awarded with Customer Relationship Award.

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