Pakistani Channels PEMRA Warning Notice




Three Pakistani channels received warning notice from the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) recently as they aired indecent and objectionable content. PEMRA warned these channels that they will face action in case of further violation. The names of these channels are:

  1. Geo Entertainment
  2. ARY Communications,
  3. HUM TV.

All these channels were warned by the authority separately and they were advised to be cautious in the future by acting according to the terms and conditions of PEMRA rules and regulations and refrain from airing such content which is against the socio-cultural norms of the country.

PEMRA didn’t provide details about the indecent content aired by these TV channels but highlighted the events that were indecent and unacceptable.

Geo Entertainment

Geo TV showed a drama on 7th August 2017 during which indecent content was aired. This content was against the social norms of country and also violating PEMRA rules. An anonymous PEMRA official told that “Khaali Haath” is the name of that drama.

ARY Communication

On 10th April 2017, similar type of indecent content was aired on HBO Pakistan. PEMRA issued the notice to ARY because the channel has the landing rights of HBO in Pakistan.

Hum TV

Previously on 21st May 2017, Hum TV showed indecent content in drama “Kitni Girhain Baaki Hain” that was aired on 21st May 2017.

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