Pakistani Company produces 2nd Drone Technology


The creator of Pakistan’s first drone “Buraq”, Integrated Dynamics, has prepared another advanced drone technology aircraft which is even more advanced as it can remain in the air for 15 hours and can be used for observation of development projects.

Raja Sabiri Khan, CE at Integrated Dynamics, said that this long range aerial surveillance aircraft (Arrow) is capable of monitoring the trade route of CPEC and it can also be operated via remote control.

The defence weapon exhibition ‘IDEAS 2016’ will start today and this aircraft will also be able to view in this exhibition.

According to Sabri, the drone can be operated at a range of 250 km with remote control while its range becomes unlimited if it is operated on a satellite system. This aircraft can fly continuously for 15 hours and this feature is no other drone of this price while its price is around that of 4×4 jeep.

Departments like PPL, SNGPL and SSGPL can use these drones to know about leakage in any of their pipelines while sensitive sites can easily be monitored and secured through these aircrafts. Required data on earth or farms can be known by geologists and agriculturists respectively by using this technology. These drones can also be used at night.

The aircraft can also take the payload of 100 to 150 kg due to which it can also be used for military purposes. Sabri told that ‘Arrow’ can also be replaced to ultra-light aircraft due to the presence of optional piloted vehicle. One can easily take it in a 20- feet long container.

This drone is the result of around 20 years of research work while it is prepared in Korangi, Karachi. The company is exporting military and civilian systems and its biggest buyers are western countries.

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