Pakistani Women Top in World for Accessing Explicit Content on Mobiles


A well know mature content website recently showed its latest traffic stats and these details are really unbelievable.

Countries with the Largest Proportion of Mobile Use by Women” is the title of this report according to which 86% is the ratio of Pakistani women who use this website on mobile phone.

It means that as compared to desktops or other such devices, it is more likely that Pakistani women would use mature content on mobile phone.

Due to this, Pakistan is one of the top countries where women use their mobile phones to view explicit content.

As compared to women, percentage of men is 12% below and 74% of men use their mobile devices to visit a website with such content.

Pakistan is on top in the list of Muslim countries and it is immediately followed by Malaysia which is at 7th position. India is just one position above Pakistan at 5th spot. The first three positions are taken by South Africa, US and the UK.

But the above report only says that women use mobile phones mostly to see such content but it doesn’t mean that many Pakistani females get access to such websites.

The same report says that traffic of Pakistani female visitors is very low and they comprise less than 10% of the total female visitors from around the world.


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