PEMRA bans Amir Liaquat Program


Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) has banned Amir Liaquat Hussian, the host on BOL channel’s program “Aisay Nhi Chalay Ga”, and this ban will effect immediately.

According to the press release by PEMRA, this action is taken after monitoring the program for several weeks. During this time, Amir Liaquat breached several clauses of PEMRA Electronic Media code of conduct 2015.

According to the orders given to BOL News, Amir Liaquat will not be able to appear in any program of BOL as host, guest, analyst, reporter, anchor person or in any other status while he will not be allowed to have audio or video recording in any ad on the channel.

It is also said in the decision that in case of not fully following the directions and if Amir Liaquat or his program “Aisay Nhi Chalay Ga” is presented on BOL channel then transmissions of BOL News will be cancelled. According to the directions of PEMRA, Amir Liaquat is not allowed to declare any person ‘non believer, traitor or commitment of dishonor o religion’ in any other channel because only parliament or higher court can take decision about these sensitive matters.

It is also said in the decision that action will be taken against the channel on which Amir Liaquat is seen acting against the PEMRA rules. For this purpose, Pak Set has been given necessary directions so that orders from PEMRA are abide by according to its spirit.

PEMRA received hundreds of complaints against the said anchor and his program which are send to the complaint counsels of Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. Instructions have been given to PTA, distribution networks and cable operators.

Amir Liaquat

Amir Liaquat

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