PEMRA Illegal Urdu Channel Block


Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority

Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority

Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) has issued a circular about the complaints, which were received against the channels. It is reported that these channels are not registered under data bases, and they are unlicensed and illegal channels and they are airing the local viewers through the local cable operators.

These Urdu channels have the content in Urdu language and the TV service operators intentionally or by error air these channels on relative distribution networks. These channels have Urdu language and the content in Urdu language and the operators consider them relevant in their network and they decide to air them. They also have the slots in the distribution networks and these slots are reserved for licensed TV channels of PEMRA.

These channels are not covered by the regulatory check by PEMRA and they are not under control of the regulatory authority. They air vulgar, indecent and superstitious and they are considered as undesirable, unsettling and misleading for most of the people.

List of Unlicensed Channels in PEMRA’s Database

There are total 79 channels, which are being aired without the official permission from PEMRA and most of these channels are pointed out by the PEMRA. The authority has issued the orders to all TV service operators and cable operators to remove 79 channels, which are termed as illegal by PEMRA.

  • Barkat TV,
  • Champions TV,
  • Cineplex,
  • Cinema 1,
  • Cinema 2,
  • Diamond TV,
  • ATV,
  • Falak News,
  • News 11,
  • News 24/7,
  • AS News,
  • Filmasia
  • Filmone,
  • Filmo Rhythm,
  • G television,
  • G World,
  • Global News,
  • Global Punjab,
  • God Bless TV,
  • Gold TV,
  • GR8,
  • Hadi TV,
  • Ham Sab,
  • Jet TV,
  • King TV,
  • Life News,
  • Mehak,
  • Message TV,
  • MK,
  • MLQ Movies,
  • Movie Time,
  • Movies 24,
  • Movies Max,
  • Moviesone,
  • Movies Box,
  • Movies Masti,
  • Movies PK,
  • N News,
  • Pak Plus,
  • Pegham,
  • Praise TV,
  • Sargam,
  • Shop Now,
  • Star Action,
  • Star Cinema,
  • Star Max,
  • S TV,
  • Super Screen,
  • Tehlka News,
  • Theatre TV,
  • Uni Plus,
  • Watan News,
  • V TV,
  • Wasal Urdu News,
  • AS Movies,
  • Azad TV,
  • Dhanak,
  • Dil TV,
  • Gawahi,
  • Grand,
  • Hmara News,
  • Cutters 1,
  • M4U,
  • MLQ Movies,
  • Noor TV,
  • On TV,
  • Pukaar,
  • 7


Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority

Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority

The regulation 21 of PEMRA (Distribution Service Operations) Regulations-2011 states that the distribution service license distribute to those TV channels, which have valid license from PEMRA. The lists of the licensed TV channels and the landing rights permission holders are provided to download at the website of PEMRA.

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