Personal Robot Follows & Carries Stuff for You


The famous scooter of the past ‘Vespa’ was manufactured by an Italian company “Piaggio” and now the same company is presenting another special product. But this new presentation by the company can drive itself easily while the name of this robot is ‘Gita’.

What is Gita?

‘Gita’ is a personal delivery tool while its meaning in Italy is ‘trip’. It is a wheel-shaped robot that carries your groceries behind you. A subsidiary, Piaggio Fast Forward has developed this robot. Gita can carry your luggage behind you while it has the capacity to carry up to 4o pounds at a time.

The robot uses its cameras and embedded sensors to follow you while carrying the luggage. It walks according to your own pace and also ready to climb with you. Gita can also be used by a bicycle riding person as its maximum speed is 22 miles per hour. It can also be used by delivery companies as it can use already mapped areas to navigate by itself.

The robot can be charged with a battery while it remains visible at night with the use of built-in LED light. In order to make it more secure and faultless, a biometric sensor is also present there.

On 2nd February 2017, the company wants to launch ‘Gita’ in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. As compared to Amazon, Piaggio is using the services of ground robot while the famous online retailer is close to complete the preparations of drones for transporting purposes. But, there are still several issues with drones and currently this robot can provide a really exciting and practical way to making things easier to deliver.


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