PMDC New Format Entry Tests in Medical Universities


pakistan medical and dental council

pakistan medical and dental council

Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC) is going to introduce the new format for the entry tests of the candidates, who want to get admission in the medical and dental program in the medical universities. When the medical universities offer admissions to the eligible and qualified candidates, they manage Medical and Dental College Assessment Test (MDCAT) and now the entry test will be conducted under the newly approved format. PMDC New Format Entry Tests in Medical Universities.

PMDC has told in a statement that the council held the meeting under Acting President Dr Amir Zaman and now this meeting is going to be conducted on 25 August. The council has prepared new format for entry test in consultation with experts of the relevant subjects duly recommended by the medical universities.

It was disclosed that the council has accorded the approval of the new format and now the universities are required to follow the new format. The syllabus of the provinces and regions used by these universities is considered to be approved. The universities should notify and publish approved syllabus in order to facilitate students, who appear in the coming MDCAT.

During the meeting of the PMDC, the minutes of the Standing Recognition Committee for dental colleges are approved and 25 pending of the qualified specialists were resolved. The committee called the additional postgraduate qualification holders to hear the relevant cases.

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