PPSC Interview Schedule for April 2013


Here is the list of complete Schedule for the month of April for PPSC Interviews in various jobs from Punjab Public Service Commission (PPSC).

DURING April  2013

A D Works Pb. Workers Bd 25 Lahore
Assistant Engineer (Civil) 22,23,24,25,26 Lahore
Clinical Psychologist 24,25 Lahore
Database Administrator 26 Lahore
Director Coordination 15 Lahore
Drug Controller / Director Technical 15,16,17,18 Lahore
Director Physical Education 25 Lahore
Evaluation Sepcialist 15 Lahore
Hardware Technician 25 Lahore
Psychologist Home Department 26 Lahore
Research Officer 17,18 Lahore
Senior Specialist 15,16 Lahore
Stat Officer FW & FD 24 Lahore
Stat Officer Home Department 25 Lahore
Tehsil / Town Officer 16,17,18,19,22 Lahore

Rescheduled Interviews

The Candidate should wait for e-mail / telephonic call for interview.
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