PTCL Closed Vfone Services Permanently


Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) has made the final decision to role back wireless phone service of the company, Vfone from 31st August 2014.

The wireless phone company, Vfone provides the services of voice and SMS, which is operated under the Wireless Local Loop (WLL) license of PTCL. Now PTCL has decided to ban this services as different sources have confirmed this news.

PTCL is communicating the process of this decision with the customers of Vfone and the company has presented its unique offers of the wired phone service to the customers living in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad after 31st August 2014. Now PTCL has decided to increase the spectrum for wireless broadband EVO services after closing Vfone services and increases the generation of funds from this service and maintain their stability.

PTCL Vfone Services

PTCL Vfone Services

After closing Vfone, PTCL will focus on WLL spectrum for EVO services. Huge number of customers gave preference to Vfone over the landline wired phone services of PTCL as there were less technical issues in Vfone if compare it with landline phone services. Vfone provided services wirelessly and there is no need to have physical network, which can have different damages.

Landline wired services are provided in limited areas and Vfone provided services in extended areas. So all Vfone customers are not switched with PTCL landline numbers. It is also said that PTCL has more than 1.1 million Vfone customers and landline wired customers are ranged to 2.9 million till the Q4 of 2014.

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