PTCL Restores Communication Services in Flood-Hit Chitral


The communication services in flood hit Chitral area has been repaired by the Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited. Even though heavy rains and bad weather conditions, their qualified teams worked to connect the affected areas, restoring landline, broadband and wireless internet services during Eid holidays.

Imran Janjua, who is the PTCL Spokesperson during the media conference told, “In the recent rains and floods more than 50% of our connections and technical infrastructure in Chitral has been damaged. With the hard work of teams on ground, round the clock, most of our services have been restored. Some of the affected customers are going to be repaired in the next 2 to 3 days. Regardless electricity outrages, they are running the services sites along with backup power and transporting fuel on mules and horses.”

The Chief Business Operations Officer PTCL Muhammad Nasrullah throughout appreciating the quick repairing done by the PTCL teams in Chitral he mentioned, “assisting out the people who are located in the affected areas whereas connecting them to the rest of the country remains out top most priority. Let us spare no efforts of repairing services to clients along with all on hand resources soon.

“Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited stands along with the nation in this moment of need and our special teams are working 24 hours to maintain the important communication links in this natural disaster,” Mr. Nasrullah include more.

PTCL Broadband

PTCL Broadband

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