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Pakistan Testing Services empowered the organizations to hire the candidates for their prospective positions with the requirement of right candidature and exposure. The hiring of the employees is considered as the costly process as it requires huge investment in training, salary and benefits, expenses and the use of office equipments. PTS conducts different types of per-employment testing help the managers to determine and the candidates nearly fit the job requirements.

PTS conducts the right tests and recruitment of proficient candidates for placement in educational and institutions across the country and world. It also ensures the transparency, merit, excellence and standards of national and international organizations through selection of the right candidates for right place. It helps to undertake the scientific research on assessment, testing, educational, technical and professional field to change the circumstances of the organizations. It provides equal employment opportunity and hunts the right candidates for right place. It provides consultation for proper candidature in organizations.

PTS conducts the test for the assessment of Graduates (TAG) for grant of admission in the MPhil or MS program. The students, who qualify in the TAG test, they can get admission in the MS and MPhil program. It conducts the Ability Assessment Test (AAT) of the students for grant of admission in the higher learning institutes and universities. When the candidates pass this test, they become eligible for grant of admission in the universities in their specific subject or course.

The students will have to apply for grant of admission after the announcement of result and they will present the TAG result card. PTS also conducts the professional tests including Marketing Assessment Test (MAT), Office Management Test (OMT), Engineering Assessment Test (EAT), Recruitment Screening Test (RST) and IT Professional Assessment Test (ITPT).

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