Queen’s letter on how she fell in love sells for whopping 14,000 pounds


The bidding for Queen Elizabeth’s two page letter has ended with 14,000 pound that is several times higher than expected. The letter is about the love affair of Queen with Prince Philip.
The 21 year old princess wrote this letter in 1947 to author Betty Shew while the couple married just few months later.
The important things present in the letter is about the first meeting of the couple along with their dance in nightclubs in London and how they were chased by a photographer. It was expected before auction that 800 to 1200 pounds will be the price of this letter but it sold for a huge amount of 14,000 pounds.
Richard Edmonds of the Chippenham Auction Rooms in Wiltshire said that it is an honor for them to sell such an important letter on the occasion of 90th birthday of Queen and the result it produced are superb and unbelievable.
He added that bidding was held over eight phone lines and also online that was quite fast. At few occasions, they felt problem even in the internet connection. But he didn’t disclose the identity of the buyer.
Queen Elizabeth agreed at that time to share her relationships with Philips for Shew in order to write a souvenir book for a royal wedding.
The letter was written with ink on white paper in which the queen tells about her first meeting with Philip when she was 13 years old along with the dancing experience of the couple in nightclubs of London and their love of fast cars. She also wrote that Welsh gold will be used to make her wedding ring.
In November 1947, Queen and Prince Philip married at Westminster Abbey while her coronation took place in 1953 at the same place.

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