Raspberry Pi Powered Tool Detects Earthquakes Inexpensively


Raspberry Pi Shake is small computer with the sensors, which are attached to it and it can pick up on the vibrations. It has the latest version and Shake 4D is more perceptive in picking them and it may be used to detect the early warning of major earthquake.

Raspberry Pi Powered Tool Detects Earthquakes Inexpensively

Raspberry Pi Powered Tool Detects Earthquakes Inexpensively

What is special?

Mike Hotchkiss is among the creators of Shake and he says that the new device is compatible with Early Earthquake Warning systems.

You might be thinking what is special about that and the seismographs fit that description. The traditional seismograph costs thousands of the dollars and it requires special equipment and staff to install it and also manage. Shake 4D will be provided for purchase for less than half of the amount at $500.

This is the smaller price tag on the key highlights. The scientists, researchers and other organizations could buy 10 traditional seismographs and they can purchase thousands of shakes for same price. It can easily be installed and use and no trained staff is required and no special equipment is needed. It can be placed on the ground and plug in it.

What Can I Do?

Raspberry Shake can be used in different ways and you can detect the activity through the generation of the vibrations. From the earthquake to the demolition of the building, it is located to the next room neighbors footsteps.

You do not make any mistake and with the price tag of $500 or Rs.52,600, this device is not made for the average Joe. It is aimed at research industry and for the niche enthusiast market.

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