Remove Regulatory Duty on Imported Cars by SHC


audi bmw porche

audi bmw porche


Sindh High Court has cancelled the SRO 1035 (1) and gave the relief to the customers in the prices of the imported cars. The government of Sindh issued this SRO in October 2017 and it has the increased regulatory duty on the imports of over 731 items. The prices of different items like cars surged drastically.

The Case

There are some of the automobile companies like Audi Pakistan, Porsche and BMW Pakistan filed the appeal against this SRO in the court and the automobile giants filed this case in Lahore and Sindh High Courts. SHC has declared the SRO null and void. According to the decision of the Sindh High Court, one can ask for enhanced regulatory duty on the basis of SRO 1035. People, who have already paid the extra regulatory duties on the basis of this SRO, they will get the refund and the government has one month to file their appeal against the decision of the court.

The Decision

According to the decision of the court, the regulatory body issued this SRO, did not have the full authority to make the decision. The regulatory duty on the imports of the cars and other items was increased by 60% to 80% in October 2017 and the prices of the different items were made sky rocketed. The price of Audi Q5 was increased from Rs.16.5 million to Rs.19.5 million. There are some other models, which prices are also increased. When the SRO was declared illegal, the prices of the cars and other items were reduced and the prices will now reach to the level before this SRO was issued. Lahore High Court is expected to release the same decision and the hearing of the case in LHC is set to be done on 24th February and the viewers can view the complete llist of all 731 items.

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