Report Corruption and Get 25% of Recovery as Reward in KPK


Corruption is the social evil and it has disturbed the normal routine of work in many departments and walks of life. People have to pay the bribe to get done their right kind of work. During the long history of 70 years in Pakistan after the independence, the corruption started spreading in all departments and now it is present in all small or big departments. Various governments have taken many initiatives to combat with the corrupt practices across Pakistan. There are various departments like NADRA started its program for whistleblowers and it was reported corruption, was shut down, as they are facing the increased pressure from the vested interests.

Now the government of KPK has taken the matter into account and they are started the anti corruption campaign, which can give reward to the whistleblowers  about 25% of the total recovered amount after identifying the names of the corrupt cases and their names will be kept protected.

The reward will be applicable to the projects, which are being undertaken in KPK and it will be applied in the government departments and the involved contractors.

Imran Khan Announces Whistleblower Program to Combat Corruption

PTI Chief, Imran Khan conducted the live press conference and he announced that new initiative will be taken to combat with the corruption activities in KPK.

He further added that anyone, who will point out the corruption in any department of the province, their names will be kept secret and they will also be awarded with the 25% of the recovered money and he will be given protection.

This idea was shared with him to give the generous reward to the people, who will endanger their lives and they will report about the corrupt people and their programs. There are some other social evils like nepotism and red tape. It is hoped that the PTI Chairman took the initiatives for anti corruption and they will not fall victim to the political arm twisting and their vested interests.

Concluding Thoughts

It is hoped that the program will not become the punching bag, who want to use it for abusing other people for their ill interests and bad aims. The people, who took this initiative, they have primary duty to make it transparent and free from any political interference.

Imran khan

Imran khan

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