Robot Finds Defects in Bridges and Roads


Nevada, there is consistent need of the supervision of the construction work on the roads and bridges all over the world. If there is any minor defect appears in any bridge, it can cause heavy loss and the American scientists have searched the solution of this issue and they have invented a robot to find the defect in the roads and bridges.

The engineers of University of Nevada made first automatic robot of the world, which can analyze the bridges and this robot can carry on its work without interrupting the flow of traffic on the roads. Although with the modern techniques, the roads and bridges are drilled by making big holes in them and the material like concrete and metal structure being present in the material of the roads and bridges but a radar was invented in the decade of 1980, which has made this work very easy. It you get surveyed the bridges through people, it costs much and the flow of traffic is also interrupted badly on the bridges. Now they can carry out this work with this robot in better way.

This robot has four wheels and it is waterproof. It runs through its battery and it is also added with electric censor and ground penetrating radar. It analyzes the broken parts and the rusty steel structure and it warns against the danger. The robot has its own algorithm system and it shows the bridge in different color codes and it shows the weak aspects and the defects of the bridge.

The experts tried it on the bridges of four big cities of America and it beat the human experts through its quickness and benefits. It takes time to analyze the bridges like man but it can process the data in few minutes rather than in the hours. Now this team is making it faster.

The construction experts have encouraged the performance of the robot and some people suggested that the human eye and its understanding has its own importance and it is necessary that this robot should be used with the human surveyor so that they can analyze the bridges in better way.

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