Robots in Queue to Buy New Model of iPhone


Wellington, A New Zealand Company has introduced the small robots for their customers, who can stand in the queue to buy the new model of iPhone. The company has introduced this concept for the facility of their customers and they buy these robots, which can stand in the long queue to but the iPhone from the Apple store.

The impatient buyers stand in the long queue outside the shop to buy the new book or new model of iPhone many hours before the start of the sale of the books and iPhone, so that they can buy the new product before finishing of the stock. Now people get these robots from the store and they stand these robots outside the shop to buy the new model of iPhone 7.

The company introduced 100 robots and put the old phones of their owners and their pictures were present on their display. The owners of the robots were in their offices or in homes and their robots were standing in the queue to buy the phones. When the company offered the people to stand the robots in the queue in place of human beings, then people take interest in it. It is said that these small robots are prepared in China and they can dance and show the tricks of karate. They also send the video to their real owners. These robots can be controlled through the smart phone app. When the sale of the iPhone is started, they inform their owners. Then they come and stand in the long queue to buy the iPhone. Sometimes, it is happened that people stand in the queues but the limited stock of the iPhone is finished and their hard work goes waste.


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