RON92 High Quality Petrol for Pakistan


It was earlier said that government was introducing the better quality petrol to the users. No various petrol pump stations started selling good quality petrol having92 RON petrol. These petrol stations did not provide the good quality petrol previously. They sold average 87 RON petrol on these stations.

What is RON and Why Does It Matter?

Research Octane Number is the general measure of quality for vehicle grade petroleum. If RON quality of the petrol is higher then your car can give better quality impact.

The cars give the consumption rate of better quality fuel and the engine of the car will last for long time and they will require less repair. The car user uses higher quality petrol to address the environmental impact due to the lower level of impurities. The performance of the vehicle also improves the better acceleration and it is top seed for your car.

Price and Availability of the High Quality Petrol

The new 92 RON petrol will be provided in the market at the higher price than the normal petrol and it is expected that the cost of the higher quality petrol is expected more.

The 92 RON petrol will be sold at an extra Rs. 2.75 per liter

The petroleum ministry announced that after the successful implementation of 92 RON Petroleum, the 95 RON and 97 RON petrol will also be imported.

Local Refineries Will Continue Working

The local refineries will produce 87/90 RON petrol and it is mixed with the imported higher grade petrol and it gets at least 91 RON petrol on the average on all petrol stations. Attock refinery is the only refinery, which is producing petrol higher than 87 RON. The ministry of Petroleum put ban on the import of petrol, which is lower than 92 RON and it is also encouraging other local companies and refineries for the importation of 95 and 97 RON petrol.


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