Saliva of Fish Effective in Extinguishing of Fire


Washington, The sea world is full of strange creature. Now the scientists have prepared the sticky material coming out of the Hag fish artificially and it can be used in different and interesting functions.

Hag fish has this sticky matter in its body and it throws this sticky matter on its prey in the sea and it stops their gills with this sticky matter and kills them. Now the US Naval Force wants to use this sticky matter to make the special weapons with it. This matter will help in overcoming the enemies, extinguishing the fire and the durable swimming suit for the soldiers, which they will use under water.

Now the experts of US Marine are working on it to suffocate the enemies, put out fires and prepare the firm swim suits. This sticking matter of the fish is called Slime and the scientists have claimed that they have prepared it artificially in large quantity. This is also made with the particular protein of eel fish.

According to the experts, this membrane is transparent and sticking like plastic consists of two important proteins. It has thread like structure and it mixes with water and opens and spreads like a spring. The sticky matter, Musin gives it 3D shape. The scientists say that the sticky matter of Hag Fish has the capacity to spread 10,000 times more, which has very interesting nature. Therefore, Slime is declared the most important natural behavioral substance (bio material). The US Marine scientists say that this artificial matter can be used to tackle fire and bomb blast, safety of swimmers and use it as spray in order to propel the sharks. The Hag fish throw this matter on its enemies and make them paralyzed. Usually it sticks with their gills and the predators like shark leaves it.


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