Samsung Smart Phones Recognize face of their Owners


Seoul, the leading technology company of South Korea has made the announcement that the company will equip the smart phones, ‘Galaxy S8’ and ‘Galaxy S8 Plus’ of the company with the technology to recognize the face so that these smart phone can unlock after watching the face of their owners.

The analysts relating to the smart phone industry said that the thinking was developed in Samsung that the finger prints technology is becoming old to recognize the owner of the mobile phone. They want to introduce some new technology, which can be more effective. The critics also said that the new coming mobile phones of Samsung can be equipped with face detection technology and the technology to detect the owner through the pupil of his eye. It can also be done that these two technologies can be intermingled by keeping in view the better technology.

The print media also got published the news about the interior sources of Samsung that the quickest face detection technology has been prepared, which will be used in the coming ‘Galaxy S8’ smart phone and it can detect the face in the 100th fraction of a second. As soon as it watches the face of the user, it will unlock and the users will not have to wait for long time to use the handsets.

Currently, it would be very premature to say that the face detection technology will be more secure if compare to the finger prints technology because everyone has different finger prints than other persons of the world. But the twins and identical face people have the same shapes so this technology is not so much trust worthy.


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