Save Electricity Bill by 25% With Little Gadget


There is great problem of electricity in the country and people have to suffer the dilemma of load shedding and the price of the electric units is also increased. The management informs the people to run their TC at the higher temperatures but people do not take care of them. They also ask them about the electric appliances and the waste energy sources but people do not focus on it.

Fictive lab is the leading Pakistan IoT and it is alumni of Plan9 and LUMS to change this concept. They have prepared the smart energy device, Wattie and it can connect with the smart phone and it will provide the load of useful data about the usage of the electricity. Wattie will also give some suggestions to help the users to save 25% electric bill.

What is Wattie? 

Wattie is the smart device and it delivers the consumption of home energy analytics, which are provided directly from the smart phone to an app. It will be settled in the electricity distribution box and it is connected with the internet through Wi-Fi (GSM version is being introduced).

This gadget is prepared to measure the energy flowing through the network in the real time and it also receives the data in every five seconds. The small device will also record over half million points and send them on the cloud to the startup. Then they will analyze the data through pattern recognition and convert them in the meaningful form and provide the useful insights for the consumption of the electricity.


The electricity usage can be seen in real time and the users can roam around the home by turning the appliances so that they can watch their consumption. The considerable amount of energy can be consumed by standby the power of appliances and about 10% of the total electricity bill is used according to the international energy agency. Wattie has the ability to measure the energy consumption per device and they claim that Wattie has witnessed 28% reduction in energy usage during the beta testing.

The users should keep in mind the figures which might be considerably less when you use the electricity practically.

Using Wattie on Your Smartphone

Wattie introduces its own applications when it is added with the smart phone interaction. The handset is added with the android version and it is available but the iOS version of the handset is also in working.

Now the beta version of the app of Wattie was tried and it was impressed due to its design. The app is excellent in its structure and it is convenient to use. This app was perfect and it is added with small bugs and they would probably be squashed out in the final and last version.

Real-time Electricity Usage

When you log in, the chart of the real time electricity usage is displayed and on swiping from left to reveal the menu or tap the three lines on the top left and from there, they can jump into another menu.

The statistics tab can keep them on the track of the daily units of the consumption for last 60 days and they can also see the exact current distribution coming from three phase system, which are also in the real time.


This app is also provided with the separate section for the billing. They can tap on the present bill button and it will display the units, which you have consumed, the charges of the consumed units and the final electricity charges, which are completed with E-Duty, GST, PTV Fee, NJ Surcharge and FC Surcharge.

In the billing section, there is another useful little feature, which is ‘Projected Bill’ and it will measure the current usage and it can predict the bill for the whole month. Now the users can set the monthly budget and the limits of the unit. If the projected bill exceeds to that numbers, then this app will notify it to you.

Cost and Installation

Wattie is now provided on pre-order at the limited time price of 2.900 rupees. The people, who are behind Wattie, they believe that high priced energy monitor will not be feasible for the people of Pakistan.

Now the users will have to pay the subscription fee of 300 rupees per month and this amount will be paid on the quarterly basis. When they give the order of the device now, then the monthly subscription fee for the period of two years will be waived off. The first pre-orders delivery date will be set for the end of 2016. There is need of device to be placed on the main electricity distribution box and it is provided in the market with life time warranty. This device will work on single and 3 phase connections and the cost of the device will not be included with the installation charges.

The users should note that the installation process is simple and it does not require to system to work for Wattie and it is standalone and full-fledged energy management system. The instruction manual will be included in the box and the Fictive Labs provides the whole process and it will take the time of less than 10 minutes to set up the Wattie. The users should hire the professional team or contact with the company for the installation of the device.

Fictive Lab has done the specialization in Research and Development of the software and hardware and they are prepared Wattie. This has been done in the smart energy ecosystem and the startup is working on an enterprise version of this device to meet their specific needs of business and industry. They have plans for making some other devices and also provide their services to complement the Wattie.

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