Scholarship Procedure Higher Education in China


Scholarship Procedure Higher Education in China

Scholarship Procedure Higher Education in China

The students, who want to get higher education in China, they need to know the exact and perfect procedure to apply for admission and they can also get the scholarships. When the students get education, they need to know their desire in which subjects, they want to get admission and carry on their study.

The students should develop their perfect and excellent CV. If the students are going to apply for the research scholar, then there should be some different between the CV of a general student and the research scholar and you should highlight the concerned things in this CV. If you learn new software, language or you have attended the conference, you should mention it in your CV. Most of the students think wrong to attend the conference but it is considered very important in China to attend the conference. You should place the latest degree first and the first degree at the last position. If you are going to apply for MS, then you need to mention BS degree first as the administration of the university want to know about your performance in the concerned degree.

After the Proposal

When the CV is prepared, the student should choose the favorite subject to prepare the good research proposal. The good study helps the students to prepare good proposal. How much they study, they can prepare a good proposal and they should attach proposal with unique and new research work and he can make the proposal with fresh and latest study. The students can take the help from their teachers or their colleagues. But it may be the teacher changes your project or your department. You should be ready for these changes.

When the students do the research work, they will have to do it themselves as the teachers only provide guidance and facilities. If you prepare a good quality research proposal in advance, then you will save at least one year and it will make your life easy in China. Then you need to know that in which universities you will get the scholarship in your favorite subjects. There are about 300 universities in China and they give admission to the overseas students. You can watch the complete detail of the scholarships on the website of the China scholarship council.

The students will not get the scholarships for the BS or MBBS programs and the students will have to bear the expenses. If you want to do MBBS in China, it can become useless because the standard of MBBS in China is very different from all over the world. They provide most of the scholarships in the master degrees and there are most of the chances to get the scholarships. The students have to complete their MS in three years and some MS courses are available in English and some are in Chinese language.  Then the students will have to do to the Chinese language course for one year to carry on their education. The professors like the students, who study in MS leading to PhD course. If you get a good professor then it is good for the student.

The number of scholarships in PhD is less than master degree programs scholarships. There is slight difference in the MS and PhD education and most of the time, you are studying MS and the PhD course can also be same.

More scholarships for Overseas Students

There are more scholarships available for the overseas students. Most of the students know about the Chinese government scholarships and they apply for it. But there are some other scholarships in China and the overseas students can also apply for them. The students can also apply for university scholarships, local government scholarships and provincial scholarships. The professors can also give the scholarship at their own. The students can apply for multiple scholarships and there is no ban on these scholarships.

The students can avail all types of scholarships at BS or MS course. If you are applying for University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, then it is better to avail ballet and road scholarship, which is equal to 60,000 PKR. The students can know the merit for each scholarship and there is no difficulty in getting these scholarships. If you have less or more marks, or you have more or less CGPA, you must have to try. You can also get admission in the universities located in remote areas and you can apply as you can have more chances. You should apply to the professor, which has no foreign students before you, then there will be more chances, he will select you.

How and When Apply

You should know how and when you will have to apply for admission in the favorite subject. There is huge number of overseas students, who apply for admission and there is strong competition among the students. You look for the university located in a small city and there are less number of foreign students and you have enough chances to get admission in that university. You should get the expectance letter from professor of a good university and it will support you to get admission in the preferred university. You can have good and excellent proposal, which can increase the chances but some of the professors do not care for the proposals. It is not necessary that you can get admission after getting the expectance letter. But sometimes you can get admission without expectance letter but expectance letter can increase the chances of your admission in any university.

You should keep in mind that there is no representative or agent of the Chinese government scholarships. The government universities give admission to the students at their own and they also charge only 10,000 to 15,000 PKR admission fee from the students. There is huge number of scholarships and the students should apply for most of them. The Chinese government has introduced the new scholarship, Belt and Road Initiative and huge number of Pakistani students are selected in this scholarship.

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