Scientists of China Teleport First Object into Space


The Chinese scientists have teleported the first object into space and they made its teleportation possible. China announced on 10 July 2017 that they have made the breakthrough and they became successful in teleporting the photon in the orbit of the earth and back. The photo traveled into the space for 310 miles successfully and it was made possible due to quantum entanglement. The Chinese scientists have already beaming the things in 2010, when the team based in Shanghai, China set the record of the teleporting of the photon for 60 miles and now they have broken the records.

Scientists of China Teleport First Object into Space

Scientists of China Teleport First Object into Space

What is quantum entanglement?

When the quantum objects like photos come to life at the exact time and place, then the quantum entanglement is occurred. It also entwined the existence and the identity. This entanglement has no limit on the distance it works. The changes are made on one photon, which is directly proportional to changes on other photon when both objects are existed in separate galaxies. When second photon takes the identity of first photon, teleportation is occurred.

How was it done?

The process used the quantum satellite and it was named after the old Chinese philosopher, Micius. It was revealed into the Sun synchronous orbit by group of the Chinese scientists. He has the capability to detect the quantum state of single photon and it has advanced photon receiver.

It allowed the team so that they can confirm the teleportation has occurred. The entangled pairs of photons were created. You beamed up the satellite from the station of the high altitude, which is located in Tibet.

The inspected the photon on the ground and it is compared it to the pair in orbit to verify the teleportation has taken place.

Why was it a crowning achievement this time?

The distance, which is traveled by photon was about 5 times the distance it traveled last time. It is first object to be teleported into space. The photon traveled to space and also traveled back to earth to make the epic achievement and it proved the quantum entanglement is possible. This is the remarkable achievement and it opens the new horizon of the unhackable internet and it can be built on the quantum communications.

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