Security Alert Wi-Fi Hacking


Security Alert Wi-Fi Hacking

Security Alert Wi-Fi Hacking

In the security concerned department, the air of unease was spreading as the intense vulnerabilities attached with the Wi-Fi protected Access II (WPA2) protocol were discovered, which is the default security protocol.

The vulnerabilities make date shared between Wi-Fi access points and the computers susceptible to the eavesdropping. Everyone in the world, who use Wi-Fi can be hacked and the information can be retrieved if it is encrypted or password protected. The encrypted connections through the SSH or VPNs are safe.

Key Reinstallation Attacks (KRACK)

KRACK-Key Reinstallation Attacks are the main reason behind the exploitations of the user data. The vulnerabilities of protocol were considered by website that included the list of the operating systems at the risk.

  • MediaTek Linksys
  • Android
  • Windows
  • Linux
  • OpenBSD
  • Apple

The website stated that data encrypted with the use of Wi-Fi encryption protocol WPA2 and it is also at the risk of being decrypted by attackers. The attack penetrates its way through modern protected Wi-Fi networks and it is being used to steal the sensitive information like passwords, credit card numbers, emails, chat messages, photos and many more. It can also be used to inject and manipulate data like malware or ransom ware.

Use HTTPS Not Eliminate risk

The researchers warned the users about the risk with the use of HTTPS, which is the added layer of protection protocol and they highlighted different situations with the added layer of protection and it did not prove to secure the date of the user. The website stated that HTTPS was bypassed in non browser software in iOS and OS X of Apple in the banking apps, Android apps and in VPN apps.

Linux and Android are susceptible to attack like this and they allow the attackers to decrypt content within system in few seconds. iOS and Window stand better chance to protect themselves from any potential damage. The patches for Linux and Windows are provided and it is not easy to say about the provision of various distributions and Wi-Fi access points.

There are the key management vulnerabilities in 4 way handshake of Wi-Fi Protected Access II (WPA2) security protocol and the impact of exploiting these vulnerabilities added with packet replay, decryption, TCP connection hijacking, HTTP content injection and many more. The protocol level issues or all correct implementation of standard will be affected. The CERT / CC and report research KU Leuven will be disclosing the vulnerabilities publically on 16 October 2017. The vulnerability will display formally on November 01 in the talk titled Key Reinstallation Attacks: Forcing Nonce Reuse in WPA2, held in Dallas and the website has informally disclosed them on Monday.

Whats At Stake

The patching of existing access point is time consuming and some Wi-Fi access points may never be patched at all. The preliminary reports turn out to be accurate representation of potential risk and the attackers are able to tamper with Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol settings, unlock hacking regime to use the domain name service of the users.

All the user data and online communication can be hacked and it is released publically.

How to Avoid It

As the issue lies in Wi-Fi protocol and there is not trusted solution of this issue.

It is not easy to say the severity of attacks posed to users and it is also advised that the users add more layers of security with the encryption of their web and email traffic with the use of Secure Shell, HTTPS, STARTRTS and other reliable protocols. The addition security measure could be virtual private network.

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