Security Equal to Head of State Provides to Players in PSL Final


Dubai, Pakistan Cricket Board is conducting the Pakistan Super League in UAE. In the second edition of PSL, various national and international players will play in this great event of PSL. The players, who will play in the final of PSL, they will be provided the fool proof security. The meeting was conducted about the final of the match in Lahore in which all international players attended. The officials briefed them about the security arrangements in Lahore for the final of the PSL.  The chairman of PSL briefed the layers that the players will be provided the security equal to the head of the state. The ex captain of Pakistan cricket team, Rameez Raja and Waseem Akram also ensured the players that they will be provided fool proof security.

PCB has decided to conduct the final of the second edition of PSL in Lahore so that they can restore the international cricket in Pakistan. The world organization of the players has also showed their concerns but the officials refused it. When head of ICC task force visited Pakistan, he was briefed over the security arrangements for the Turkish president and the officials ensured him that such types of security arrangements will be made for the international players, when they will visit Pakistan.


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