Selfie Necessary to Open Your Car Door


London, an automobile manufacturing company is going to introduce very stunning feature in the industry, which will help the owners of the vehicle to open the door of their cars through making the selfie. The company has designed this unique system which can help in identification of the face of the owner and after that the vehicle will open the door. Land Rover Company has developed the technology to identify the face of the owner of the car. According to the patent application, the cameras will be installed on the windows of both sides and it will take the pictures and video of the person coming close to it. If the video or picture of the person is matched with the video or pictures, which is saved in the database of car, it will match both the pictures and videos, if they are matched then the doors of the car will open automatically.

This feature will help to search for they key and insert it in the car and helps in saving the time. When you have luggage in your hands or have bags, then the doors of the car will open in mere sign. The detail of this feature is given in its patent. One camera will be installed in each window on both sides and it will make the pictures or video of the person in this style that it will include this video or image with the images or video already saved in its database. The owner of the vehicle will have to prove its identity so that the car uses it as the referenced image or video. When the people come close to the car, the camera will make the picture or video and they will analyze it and after matching, the doors of the car will open automatically. The car opening wireless system will also working with it, which can help to ensure the safety of the car.

The company said that stereoscopic cameras will be installed, which can make the 3D picture of the person and they will analyze that how far he is and how he is looking and the doors of the cars will be opened. If more than one person drives the car, then the facility of identifying more than one person is also available with this car. When they sell the car, then the data or images of the previous owner can be deleted from its database and the particulars of the present buyer will be added in its database.


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