Share Live Location of one Hour on Facebook Messenger


New York, The facebook users can give information to their friends about their place directly on the facebook messenger. They can also share the location of their place for one hour.

With the introduction of this new feature on the facebook, the person can share their exact location on the facebook, if they lost in the rush place. When they log on the feature, then they can give information about their location for one hour. It means that your friends can watch your location for one hour. They can watch their present location on the map to use the live location option of the facebook and they will notice the blue color tap option. When they will press it, they will give information to the friends about all sites, where they will go and this feature will have the duration of one hour. When they will share this option to their friends, they will get information about your location and they will also get the information about the time, which will be taken to reach you through car.

There will a watch below the map and it will give the duration of the live location and you can press it and close this option at any time. It is clear that Google map and Apple has already provided the facility of live location to their users but this option is now added in facebook messenger and a lot of users can use it more easily.

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