Sindh Govt Vehicle Ownership Transfer Biometric Verification


vehicles on open letter

vehicles on open letter

Sindh government is going to introduce the new vehicle ownership transfer biometric verification system. The government is going to amend the Motor Vehicle transfer rules so that they can transfer the vehicle after their biometric verification and it will help to prevent the vehicles to be used with the open letter.

This proposition was discussed in the meeting, which was presided over by the Provincial Minister for Excise and Taxation and Narcotics Control and Parliamentary Affairs, Mukesh Kumar Chawla. Sindh Govt Vehicle Ownership Transfer Biometric Verification.

The DG Excise and Taxation gave the briefing to meeting and he told that excise department has received the number of complaints of various vehicles, which used open letters. Now it has been decided to take the action on this topic.

He said that the department sent the proposal to government to launch biometric system for the verification of seller and buyer at the time of transfer and registration of the vehicle. The department completed all codal formalities about the launch of the smart cards and it has more security features as compared to the smart card, which are introduced by the Punjab government.

The provincial minister expressed the satisfaction that use of vehicles with open letters has been reduced. He further asked the officers to take necessary initiatives to discourage the practice entirely. The minister appraised the arrangements, which are being made for coming road checking campaign.

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