Space Science Laboratory Way to Mars


The US defense official revealed that the reusable and water powered Mars lander allow humans to find Red Planet, Mars when they orbit the base camp as early as 2030. Various government and private companies have made the collaboration on the projects to send the humans to the new planet with the planning mission of NASA into space between Earth and Moon so that they can have trip to Mars.

The scientists are working on Mars Base Camp, which is the science laboratory and it will orbit the planet with crewed lander and it descend to surface on its repeated missions. About four astronauts joined the two week mission and the liquid hydrogen generated from water and it would fuel the spacecraft. They said that they have created the fuel and they can power the entire spacecraft system.

Chambers called the vision of Mars that the transformational event for our generation and it is sown of new age of discovery and about the solar system and the place in it. International Astronautical Congress said on Friday with the presentation by Elon Musk to make the outline of new design for interplanetary transport system and take the human beings to the Mars.


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