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Most of the students want to get complete their education at the higher level. They want to go out of Pakistan in the leading countries, where education standard is high and their educational degrees have great importance. The students need to know the exact procedure to get study visa for Australia from Pakistan 2017 (Forms, Fee and consultants). The students must have complete knowledge about the procedure to apply for visa, the processing fee and the consultant, who assist them in the right direction to apply and get study visa for Australia from Pakistan. Most of the stunts want to get completed their higher education from the foreign universities as they can get good job in their homeland after returning from abroad and complete their education. The students need to read the complete procedure to apply for student visa and they need to meet the requirements for visa in pursuing the study visa.

student visa

student visa

How to apply student visa:

  • When the students apply for admission in any Australian University, they need to get the confirmation letter from the university. Then the students submit letter of offer of visa, and they have been issued with EcoE. Then the students need student visa for whole time in Australia. They have to apply for student visa from the Australian embassy and the students of level can apply for visa online.
  • The international students need to have student visa during their entire time when they are admitted in the institute in Australia to get and complete education. The students are allowed to live, study and do work on the study visa and they are also allowed to visit their family and friends out of Australia.
  • The international students need to renew their study visa before leaving Australia. If their visa is expired and they are out of Australia, then they need to apply for visa again and they have to pay the new fee once again.
  • The students can have Australian visa and they can do work in Australia within the due time and the duration of the course plus one month or 28  days before ending of their classes.
  • Australian study visa is issued to the students with some terms and conditions, which are given to the students and they need to follow them.
  • The students must have passed the English language courses like English, IELTS preparation and Cambridge, etc
  • The candidates must have passed the professional courses like vocational education and training, and 9 VET courses.
  • The candidates must have passed the undergraduate courses of Bachelor degree and master degree and PhD.
  • The student visa is given to the students, if it is added with some accredited courses, which are provided by the Australian schools and institutes and study visa is associated with confirmation of the enrolment as it is added with the starting and ending dates of the courses.
  • The students can apply for multiple courses with the visa like language course and the vocational course.
  • The students need to know that the minimum duration of any course is 12 weeks and the maximum period of the course is 50 weeks.

Documents Required:

The Australian embassy implies some student visa requirements, which are compulsory to meet, so that the students will be awarded with the student visa to study in their country. Since 24 March 2012, Australian government started the evaluation of the application forms for student visa based on the five assessment levels as level 1 has the least stringent criteria applied and level 5 has the most stringent criteria applied. The student visa is granted keeping in view two key factors:

  • Passport country of the student
  • Main course of study of the student
  • According to one method, Australian visa is granted on the base of five assessments, which is given above and the second method is going to be shared with the students.

According to the second method, the students have to follow the streamlined processing in case of student is eligible and the student will be given the assessment level 1, which is the least strict criteria applied, and it is issued regardless of their passport of the country or nationality of the student. If the students want to follow the streamlined processing, the international students must provide the confirmation of their full time enrollment to the Australian government in the approved education course including bachelor, master or doctorate program from any authorized university. When the students submit their application forms and meet other requirements for Australian student visa.

Document translation into English is also required for getting visa of Australia.

The Confirmation of Enrollment:

To meet the requirements for student visa, the students need to get Confirmation of Enrolment. Before applying for Australian student visa, the students must receive official confirmation of their full time enrollment in the eligible education program in Australia. The students need to get the ‘Offer of Place’ letter or they can get electronic ‘Confirmation of Enrolment’ certificate from the authorized educational institute. Such institute should be registered with Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students for Australia, which will confirm that the student has been accepted for its full time study in the given study program in the university.

The program for the secondary school exchange students is given with ‘Acceptance Advice of Secondary Exchange Student’ documents and the students need to fill it and submit to the Australian government. The international student can apply for Subclass 576 Australian AID and Defense Student Visa and the students need to provide the official letter from the sponsored agency to confirm their support for educational program in Australia.

English Level:

When the students apply for study visa in Australia, they need to meet the requirement of English language. If the students do not pass Subclass 570 Independent ELICOS Sector Student visa, which is necessary to study English in Australia, international students have to prove that they has the capability of at least proficiency level in English language with the provision of assessment scores on TOEFL, IELTS, Cambridge (CAE) or Pearson (PTE) tests.

Satisfactory health:

The students, who apply for study visa to Australia, they need to provide the proof as they have good health. The international students and their eligible family members, who will join them in Australia, they need to maintain their sufficient health insurance, which is provided from Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC). In certain cases, the students have to pay medical insurance premium to school, which they are attending and the schools has to pay the health insurance provider in place of student.

Financial support:

The students, who apply for student visa to Australia, they need to provide such proof, as they can support themselves with all family members, who will meet them in Australia. They will also show their capacity to bear the expenses incurred on the education of the students along with living expenses, travel and many more. If the applicants want to get approve their student visa to Australia, they must pay the unpaid debts, if any, owed to Australian government.

Other Requirements:

The students must have to meet some other requirements, which are incurred on the student visa to Australia and some of other things, which are going to mention below:

  • The students are asked to provide character certificate showing good character and they can ask for police verification certificate. The students have to pay the application fee for student visa to Australia with suitable living arrangements, which are necessary to provide for the international minor students, who possess secondary or senior high school diploma, if the students apply for undergraduate university program. The students also need to fulfill the prerequisites for the particular Vocational Education and Training programs. The international students must have to fulfill the certified or notarized documentation given in English or with the English translation, which can support their application for the student visa to Australia. The students need to note the student visa application, which is submitted with the required documentation.
  • Since 5 November 2011, the applicants need to apply for student visa to Australia and they need to meet the requirements meant for ‘Genuine Temporary Entrant’ (GTE). These requirements are added to evaluate the probability of the temporary stay of the international students in Australia. It can be provided keeping in view the situation of the home country of the students and the immigration history of the applicant. It is also added with the possible circumstances of the students, when they are living in Australia, as how much beneficial the education program of the students for their future and other issues, that can impact the activities of the international students to live in Australia temporarily.


The students have to pay the non-refundable visa application fee of AUD$450, which is applied on the most visa applications. These are provided to the students with exception of secondary exchange students and all of the students, who are sponsored under the provision of Commonwealth approved programs. There may be some other expenses, which are associated with the visa application including the cost for medical examination, police checks and the translation of the documents in the English language (if required).

Processing Time:

Level 1 : 14 days
Level 2 : 21 days
Level 3 or 4 : 3 months

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