Sunglasses can Make Video and Upload Online


San Francisco, The special sunglasses are introduced for the snap chat and these sunglasses will be added with a sensitive camera to make video up to 10 seconds and release it on the snap chat automatically.  This sunglass is used with the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and it makes the video and sends it on the website through snap chat app. This sunglass is given the name of spectacles. It makes the video like the human eye and the angle of its lens keeps at the 115 degree.

The viewers will have to press the button present at the handle of the sunglass to record the video and after that the video making will be started.  In the next version, you can record the video having 30 seconds. According to the chief executive of the company, this invention will be surfaced gradually and they will to watch, how people use this sunglass. There are about 10 billion videos, which had been watched on the snap chat till June this year. After its trial, the people declared the level of video amazing. The introductory price of these sunglasses will be 130 dollars or slight over 13,000 rupees in Pak currency.


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